Commercial Scenographies

Our service of commercial decoration and exhibits includes the conceptualization, design and manufacture of the experience in the assigned space. Depending on the client’s needs, we provide the service of management and implementation of the project. We have developed commercial decorations and interactive exhibitions for more than 50 clients in Latin America, Russia, and other countries.

We create scenographies, commercial decorations and high impact exhibits that generate trends and position brands. We focus on shopping centers, theme parks, amusement parks, hotels, convention centers, city halls, entertainment companies, and restaurants.

Our Christmas Exhibits

Our Christmas scenographies have a high component of innovation, excellent concept development, and impeccable design and manufacture. Our scenographies have animatronics and interactive modules that create in the public sensations and unforgettable memories of your brand.

Learn more about our success stories in commercial Christmas decorations in shopping centers.

different thematic exhibits for rent

Our 11 exhibitions with more than 7 stages for shopping centers cover different topics that impact and educate on conservation and environmental care, literary works, dinosaurs, dragons, animals, and history among other topics.

Just tell us what do you have in mind and we will make it real

Learn more about our success stories in commercial christmas decorations in shopping centers
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