Custom Animatronic Costumes and according to catalog.

Animatronic costumes built in aluminum, carved by artists and aerographers specialized in realism, paying special attention to the anthropometry and functionality of the mechanisms.



Professional designers are in charge of modeling each animatronic in 3D for the production in CAD, ensuring that the proportions are right, that the movements are accurate and performing tests of resistance and durability. We have CNC machinery so we can be reliable to the modeling and the render.

Estructura, mecanismos y electrónica

Structure, mechanisms, and electronics

The experience allows us to achieve natural and realistic movements.

For the construction of the structure of the animatronic, we use resistant metals, anticorrosive, motors, megaphones, speakers, gears, boards of hardware programmed with software by our engineers, among others reserved teaches.

Escultura y tallado

Sculpture and carving

Each one of our animatronics comes from scale digital models. Our artists model and carve different materials emphasizing the detail and proportion of each piece. We use high-density foam, fiberglass and expanded polystyrene among other materials.

Acabados finales

Final finishes

Part of our team is composed of artists that are specialized in realism and they use airbrushing techniques to give a striking finish, high quality, and resistance to our animatronics. We use high-quality paints and sealants.



We pack our animatronics with EPE foam and polyester, and then we pack them in wooden cages and pallets.

Logística y transporte

Logístics and transport

We transport our animatronics using the service of professional companies in logistics and transport previous negotiation with the client.


Assembly and installation

We have installation services for our animatronics all around the world and according to the previous negotiation with the client

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